About TG Peer Associates Ltd.

Our Mission

We are a not-for-profit company, based in Kent but also utilised throughout a wider area via email and phone, that aims to provide social and emotional support services, including peer support and mentoring, to any individual that identifies as transgender, transexual, gender assigned incongruent, transvestite, crossdresser, intersex, gender queer, gender questioning or any actual or perceived gender variance, their significant others and those who support them.

We aim to actively promote social inclusion and mental wellbeing through drawing upon the wealth of skills and experience within the trans community to provide a peer support network via our Drab & Dress support groups. We also offer peer mentoring, advocacy,a post-op Buddy service, life coaching for transition and a families outreach service which incorporates our 'So?!' partners/significant others group.


Our services aim to benefit the public by actively promoting a cohesive community, breaking down barriers, supporting individuals to lead full and contributory lives, reducing social isolation and promoting a sense of belonging and responsibility in neighbourhoods and making a positive impact on the incidence of family breakdown in families with trans members.


Along with these valuable services, we also work to raise awareness and understanding of transgender matters by providing trans awareness workshops for a variety of organisations. TG PALS volunteers also participate in human libraries and give talks/presentations telling their life stories and sharing their experience of being transgender.


We work tirelessly to promote cohesive communities with tolerance, acceptance and understanding of transgender people by working transparently and in partnership with other agencies, meeting the public and exploring first hand the stereotypes, beliefs and fears people hold in order to break down barriers. We face our fears and join in, supporting one another to achieve the ordinary things in life.


We celebrate diversity and embrace our local communities, where possible working in partnership with other agencies to assist them with transgender people having a voice in, or being in receipt of, services that include them.

Our History


'We three friends of variant are...' 


..three friends enjoying coffee and a good chat at a friends house in Kent; one undergoing serious medical treatment with hormonal side effects, one with a trans partner and one a crossdresser. Having had the chance to whinge a bit, laugh a bit and share issues with non judgmental, likeminded people we, on spec, decided to form a trans support group. Why? Because none of us knew of any support groups in our area and we all knew how hard it could be to find a social support network-even one person to talk to about transgender issues. And so the Drab & Dress TG Peer Support Group was born!


That was nine years ago...we are still going strong as a group and now we find ourselves at the point of delivering other trans support services devised after a needs audit with transgender and gender diverse people and their signnificant others.


Our other services have all been set up with trans people involved in both the design and the delivery.

We aim to deliver straight from the horses mouth and support the NHS philosophy 'no decision about me without me'.  


Our Team.


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