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Support Group for Partners / Significant Others.


Due to demand, TG PALS has been running a significant others support group  January 2013. The group welcomes partners, parents, children, siblings , friends and colleagues of trans people who need a safe space to talk.  This includes people who have been bereaved or have lost a loved one or close friend due to issues arising from gender identity.


It can be to let off steam without worrying loved ones who are already struggling, or to celebrate and share coping skills..or simply to make friends with someone who understands that the people in a trans persons life also have a 'coming out' process of their own.


It cannot be underestimated how important a supportive family and social network can be for a trans person in living the life they feel is authentic and valued. This support is also vital in undergoing a successful transition where change can prove demanding and stressful. We aim to offer families and friends the peer support they need to build strong foundations and maintain good relationships and have happy, working family relationships.




TG PALS were accepted as Associate Members of the East Kent Carers Consortium.

We continue to look towards a working future with positive links and would like to extend our warmest thanks to Carers Support and Norman House for the use of their premises for our Drab & Dress TG Peer Support Group throughout 2012.


We will continue to work with partner caring agencies in supporting those who care for trans loved ones, and hope to make progress towards supporting young people who have a transgender parent. If you or someone you know would benefit  or you have any suggestions as to how we can best support young people we would love to hear from you!


May I also remind you all to check our news and events pages for dates for the 'So!' 'significant others' group meetings coming up. This group will be meeting on the last Thursday of every month.

Please feel free to email  heather@tgpals.org  for further information.

Living Libraries at Ashford Gateway Plus and Ramsgate Library were both successful where we met members of the public for some very interesting and intelligent conversations.


These events have been coordinated by Kent County Council Libraries.  The Ashford event included a member of the press which resulted in a short article in the Kentish Express Ashford edition and can be found online along with this picture of the "Books".


We hope you came along to "read" our stories.


There are some photos in our gallery


If your organisation would benefit from one of these events, get in touch!




Our post-op buddy scheme has now supported people following surgery with very pleasing results. All had a 'home from hospital' buddy to ensure they were settled back in at home, the shopping was done, beds freshly made and bathroom sparkling clean. Buddies maintained daily contact for the two weeks following discharge from hospital, and carried out some essential domestic chores to ensure rest and recovery. 

Buddies continued to be available by phone or email, particularly if people were unable to drive and had essential appointments, for a further two weeks or until driving was allowed. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this service has been the reassuring and friendly social contact it provides during a physically and emotionally taxing time. Buddies will refer people to our peer support group if needed.


It is important to note that this service is the equivalent of what a friend might do, popping in to ensure that the post-op person is supported when they are unable to carry out certain chores for themselves due to the restricted activities necessary during a recovery period and ensuring social contact, allowing time to chat about  fears, hopes etc. This may be the only social contact some trans people have if they live alone.


Our aim is to ensure people feel cared about and are supported to get back to their usual routine at a pace dictated by their recovery rather than have to make the best of things at home risking complications caused by doing too much too soon.




THEY ARE NOT NURSES! Post-Op Buddies offer a social support service and may offer some domestic assistance. They are not trained to administer medicines or carry out any treatment. Any medical care required e.g wound dressings, should be organised in advance of surgery through the G.P practice who can arrange for a nurse to visit.


THEY ARE NOT MAIDS OR BUTLERS! Our buddies aim to make the transition from hospital to home and the recovery period as relaxed and stress free as possible by helping out to ensure folk can eat, drink and relax in a clean home environment with essential chores done. Buddies will ensure a clean environment but cannot be expected to undertake long-neglected chores.



You can make an application for this service via our contact form, or email  info@tgpals.org




The Drab moved to a new venue in Dover.

This group continues to be well attended and is a mine of useful information, advice and support from and for those attending. This group is growing in strength and in numbers and we are very proud of its integrity. Our group meetings regularly have around 25-30 people!


From a first terrifying trip out of the closet (whether dressed or in drab) to post surgery, to partners of trans folk, this group has someone who understands your situation. We have been pleased to see partners and supportive friends and it has also been great to see a growing group of gender diverse people of all ages and from all walks of life, coming together through the commonality of gender and the diversity of the spectrum.


This group is a real tonic!


We extend our thanks to MCCH, Carers Support, Age UK and the University of Kent at Canterbury for all your support in allowing us the use of your premises at various times since 2009.