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Welcome to our website! This is currently undergoing some revision so please bear with us while some adjustments and updates are being made.


We will also shortly be announcing our new secure postal address due to the closure of our Ashford office. With very limited funds a decision has been made to close the office, conserve funds and prioritise supporting people.

We remain contactable via phone, email and our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Email  info@tgpals.org




Our highly regarded peer support group, the Drab or Dress, continues to run and is now in its 9th year.


It is currently running at a venue in Dover and also in Canterbury, Kent.






Artwork by transgender artist Remy Noe.


Welcome to TG PALS! 'Working together across the transgender spectrum.'

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Who are we?


We are a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, based in Kent and the South East.  We offer social and emotional support services for anyone who identifies as transgender and/or feels they do not identify in whole or in part with their biological sex.We also offer support to families, friends and any significant others..


We are beneficiary led, being wholly run by and for trans people and those significant to them, having been set up after discovering that no service like this existed for people like us in Kent. We are currently finding that the need for services that support trans people and their families is increasing year on year.


Browse this website to find out more about our organisation, its aims and how it may help you or someone you know.


We are always open to feedback and suggestions about any of our services and welcome comments from all people, including our stakeholders, via our contact form.


Learn much more about us...







TG PALS are currently supporting many people who do not identify with their assigned biological sex and who have questions about their gender identity, who express themselves outside of the gender binary of male and female. We support anyone who identifies as 'trans' and uphold the principles of a gender spectrum encompassing myriad expressions of gender identity,individual to each person.


We also support people who are related to or in a relationship with a trans person. When a loved one comes out as 'trans' this can evoke extreme feelings of concern-for their safety, peace of mind, for the relationship and particularly for partners, a sense of confusion surrounding their own identity and often, feelings of loss of the loved one they knew. It can be hard to face when the one you love and the one you lose are one and the same. We support partners through the process of coming to terms with the changes in relationships that a loved ones transition can bring and through what is effectively a 'coming out' process of their own.


For trans people many life situations can be fearful and distressing, with feelings running high and a fear of rejection or negativity, often sadly backed up by experience. It can be a very emotional time 'coming out' as trans and continuing to live life with a lack of understanding, acceptance or even tolerance. Sadly, discrimination and prejudice are common.


We offer social and emotional support services to trans people to help them make friends, build social networks and be supported to engage in the daily activities of life.

We support the partners, friends, colleagues and family members of trans people to increase understanding and awareness of what being 'trans' means in real terms. We wholly support helping people to achieve honest relationships and keep families cohesive.


We advocate on behalf of trans people who are absent parents and wish to re-establish contact with their children and work with schools supporting young trans people or the children of trans people.


TG PALS is unique in the range of services it offers in Kent and beyond and will consider any request for support from any area outside of Kent if we can be of service.



Our services include:



Support for our organisation is growing along with the demand and we find ourselves facing a wonderful opportunity to bring a brighter, more supportive future to many more trans people and their families.


We offer our sincere thanks for the kind and generous donations from organisations and individuals that help us to continue providing much needed support.

We cannot speak highly enough of our volunteers.  Our entire team are volunteers and show amazing courage and commitment, facing the public and sharing their own life stories in the hope that attitudes to trans people will become more tolerant and accepting. We are very fortunate to have volunteers with varied and valuable skills but we are always looking for more so please contact us if you would like to a part of an organisation that truly values people.




Our vision is to open a 'one stop shop' for services for trans people and their families, located in and working with local communities and in partnership with other agencies to provide holistic care, support and guidance.


Can you help? We welcome all levels of skill and ability and believe everyone has something to offer


The TG PALS Team.



TG PALS are an Associate Members of the East Kent Carers Consortium!  We have been engaged to provide trans awareness workshops to Carers' Support staff.  Read more...





TG PALS Diversity Training for police officers in Kent.

We welcomed our first officer in April 2013 and this was a successful learning experience for both agencies. Links have been made which have enhanced the confidence and trust in our police force as an organisation that listens to and respects the views of trans people in our area.


We look forward to continuing to offer placements to both student officers newly in training and to officers of many years standing undertaking the core leadership programme and thank Kent Police Diversity Training management for the foresight to engage with what remains a vulnerable and minority group. This is proving to be an excellent and productive working partnership!


We continue to have strong links and clear communication with our local Officers. This has positively impacted on the reporting of transphobic hate crimes and incidents, along with increased feelings of safer communities through having a known officer to contact. 


We attended the Kent Police LGB&T History Day event.  Read more...





We also thank Kent Police for their very generous donation from the Chief Constable's Property Fund and an equally generous donation from the Kent Gay Police Association as we were one of the recipients of their fundraising Charity Ball.  This all goes towards maintaining our peer mentoring services.


Every penny makes a difference and these donations are very much appreciated!

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Drab or Dress Peer Support Group update:


Canterbury Drab or Dress is still going strong! We welcome members old and new and thank everyone for your continued support. This group is a wonderful testament to the power of peer support and mentoring!


The group is up and running again in Dover every 1st Tuesday of the month.  Again, we thank everyone for your continued support, particularly during the facilitator's long period of recovery from injury, and look forward to seeing you again soon! 



Read more about the Drab & Dress...  and also see the events calendar



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We hope this means we are reaching those of you who need us and also those of you willing to learn more or volunteer your valued and valuable time and skills!

Thanks for your continued interest, please let us know if there's anything we can add so either mail us or please sign the guestbook.