Our History



TG PALS was set up in October 2010 following a conversation over coffee in a family home here in Kent. Despite some excellent medical care and psychological assessment, a transgendered friend was still at a loss as to how to proceed with daily life in a new gender role.


It was all the little things... the things that you wouldn’t bother a professional with but make the difference in daily living.  Sometimes it is as simple as just having the chance to let off steam and share a worry, or find out who can help...and so the Drab & Dress TG Peer Support Group was born!


It soon became apparent through the ‘Drab’ that there was a huge gap in specialised support services for trans folk, their families, employers... anyone needing information and support regarding trans issues.  Our other support services have been designed as a direct reflection of the needs identified by the trans community themselves. 


Individuals and families are now seeing the benefits of having an emotional and social support service that is there when they need someone.


We have since made many friends and formed excellent partnerships with other groups and organisations including becoming Associate Members of the East Kent Carers Consortium CIC.  We also have excellent working relationships with Kent Police and support the reporting of transphobic hate crime and incidents.


All our services actively support the NHS emphasis on patient involvement in treatment…


“no decision about me without me”.