Meet Our Team

Meet some of the amazing team behind TG PALS, all of whom volunteer for our organisation.


Managing Director


Heather has worked as a mental health professional and teacher/trainer for over thirty years and brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, experience and professionalism to the service. 


Her experience of mental health services, community health & wellbeing services and and her knowledge of trans issues means that trans people and their families can be assured of an excellent service that puts people first.

Heather is also a member of the Shepway Independent Advisory Group working in partnership with Kent Police to improve and safeguard our diverse communities. She is currently consulting with our local NHS Trust regarding the systems of managing trans patients records. Heather actively pursues partnership opportunities that will encourage and develop trans inclusion and has engaged with the East Kent Carers Consortium CIC for TG PALS to become Associate Members and successfully participated, with the TG PALS team, in many local authority and County Council events to raise public awareness of transgender issues.


Heather actively promotes equality for all and wholly supports the 'no decision about me without me' NHS philosophy.


TG PALS, under Heather's direction, aims to provide quality peer support and mentoring services and work in partnership with other agencies to provide inclusive services that meet individual needs.


Heather co-facilitates the Drab & Dress TG Peer Support group and specialises in supporting families.


Please feel free to contact Heather via email  regarding any matter you require support with.


Peer Support  Group Facilitator


Joy is an ordained Methodist minister who works as a university student chaplain and is the first transgender minister to be ordained in the Methodist church in the UK.


Joy facilitates the Drab or Dress Peer Support Group in Canterbury and is an integral part of our peer support team. She brings enthusiasm, commitment and a true sense of understanding to our services and is a trusted and respected mentor. As  founder of the Canterbury Trans Network we value this joint working to support trans people in their journeys.


She attends conferences, seminars and events with the aim of raising awareness of transgender issues across the spectrum, and maintains links with other Kent groups. The faith perspective is one which has been and continues to be highly valued by many of our members.



Health Liaison


Anna worked for the NHS in the field of healthcare for over ten years, working in operating theatres and recovery.


Anna has a wealth of contacts and has worked to promote the rights of trans people through her interest and involvement in getting fair and equal treatment for all trans patients. She transitioned in her NHS role and is a fervent supporter of the NHS. She is happy to discuss any issues you may be facing regarding accessing the healthcare you need.


Anna attends health and wellbeing conferences and advocates on behalf of trans people who are struggling to access healthcare. She is available to chat to at our Drab or Dress  Peer Support Group. She also participates as a 'Human Book' in our Living Library events, sharing her story in order to educate the public and provide peer support to other trans people.