Rémy Noë

Our original logo

Our original logo was designed by a member of our successful Drab & Dress Peer Support Group, Rémy Noë.



The Story

The design was simple from our perspective....give Rémy a brief outline and let her loose on a piece of paper.


Having said that, we wanted an image that symbolised the overlap of genders and the rainbow colours of the trans community. 


The two figures blend and flow into a spectrum of different shades and possibilities.  You can see the "T" and "G" within the design and many things besides.  Of course we'd love to hear what you think, good or bad, Rémy is always happy to prompt discussion and debate about her work.


She has also said that she would be happy to create a limited number of signed prints if there was some interest and is happy to receive commissions.



Landscape, Bio-morphic shapes and the northdowns.
The essence of the style of work that I drew the logo in is, for a great part, inspired by the beauty of both the north downs and curved bio-morphic shapes in nature, from the shapes of the slow curving and rounded hills to the beauty of lines in the human body.
Liverton Street
Growing up with gender dysphoria I found a lonely and isolating experience.  I found much comfort in running from the world and exploring the largely uninhabited downs, unknown valleys beckoning towards lost villages and long-deserted churches, lonely woods and glades of old forests lit up with Autumn light from low slanting suns and giving shelter from the fury of the wind. Towering hill tops lay atop giving miles of unspoiled vistas of the county below me and the world I felt cut off from. Here I felt not judged by the world, alone with my self and my art.
The landscape of the world I found here was a place of deep beauty. In the hill tops at the head of valleys and their bodies curling away under me I found feminine shapes that reflected how I felt inside. In drawing and painting this world I found a peace and over many months and years built up a visual dictionary of the shapes of this world.
Establishing a relationship with this landscape I began to explore its history and the myths and stories that have been grown from its soil and people. I wanted a new way to express this than the more traditional classical ways of post–Renaissance art and drew on ideas from both earlier ideas of our own culture and indigenous peoples living in a way we once did. Into this maelstrom of ideas I fed my own bio - morphic shapes from my on-site landscapes and develped my style of art, of which this [TGPALS logo] is an example, merging the [TG] letters of the group into the delicate shapes of nature that live within the minds of us all.

The Artist

Rémy's picture to follow...






Rémy's official website showing her other works.


Saatchi online showing her work