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  • Marcia Hardcastle (Wednesday, August 13 14 03:45 am BST)

    I saw your bbc report on Frank Maloney now kelli. I think you are doing a wonderful work. Please stay in touch. Perhaps we can find a way to partner and find your way here So many needs, I have a
    trans child, M/F, now Amber, so many questions,need more support here. Hugs to all my luvs in Britain, cheers, Marci

  • john (Tuesday, August 12 14 08:44 pm BST)

    respect to all for supporting kellie. :) sneaky paypal on the way!

  • Jess (Tuesday, August 12 14 12:14 am BST)

    TGPals has shown me that I'm not alone in my experiences and that it's OK to be me. Through Drab & Dress I've met a wide variety of people, each with different experiences and backgrounds, and
    I've made some fantastic friends. Prior to attending these meetings I suffered with severe anxiety and depression and felt completely lost, but with the help of peers and counselling I feel like I'm
    on the road to recovery and self-acceptance. I really feel that the unique support offered by the TGPals family goes above and beyond anything available elsewhere, and I truly do not know where I
    would be without their help. My advice for anyone questioning their gender identity, or those looking for information and support, is to give this group a try! x

  • Steph Calvert (Monday, August 11 14 09:26 pm BST)

    I am a writer (S.A.A. Calvert) covering a range of transgender issues, and I came across your group via the reports on Kellie Maloney. I am always delighted to see there are far more people than I
    ever knew fighting our corner. Thank you!

  • Paula Collins (Monday, August 11 14 07:13 pm BST)

    Love and Kisses to Kellie Maloney xx a fellow TGirl who had also come out over the last year and am now taking the world by storm ...always remember we put the boundaries in our own minds xx

  • Linda Glover (Monday, August 11 14 05:22 am BST)

    I've been attending the group since Dec 2011, at the time when my gender dysphoria was about to reach its peak. If it wasn't for Heather and the other people giving their support, I would've taken my
    own life. I can't fathom why they would stick by me when at times I was so depressed I did silly things, but I'm glad they did. Now I'm undergoing gender reassignment and I'm starting to enjoy life
    again, although it will take a while to overcome my occasional low spells (that's where the counselling sessions offered by TG PALS comes very handy). This organisation has helped me big-time, and I
    urge others with GD issues to contact this group. Taking this big step is not as scary as you think. With love, Linda x

  • Glenn (Sunday, August 10 14 05:00 pm BST)

    I am Transgender,47 and would like to express my gratitude for all the hard work you do to help those that are going through what I am experiencing at this present time.x

  • Alison Fairchild (Sunday, August 10 14 12:37 pm BST)

    I have been attending the Drab Or Dress group for nearly 18 months now. The evenings are always enjoyable because everyone is so friendly. During this period I had my gender reassignment surgery, and
    felt totally supported, as well as being given some very useful advice. I now hope that I can help others based on my own experiences.

  • Claire Bartlett (Friday, August 08 14 06:43 pm BST)

    I have been attending the group now for almost 2 years and my life has changed dramatically, Im finally beginning to like and be comfortable with myself for the first time. Without the group and all
    the lovely people Ive met along the way I know I couldn't have coped with life. Although its not quite the right time for me to transition, its getting close, a huge thank you to all of my friends xx

  • Joanne Emm (Tuesday, June 24 14 09:03 am BST)

    What a pity this sort of facility is not available across the whole country

  • Shauna (Friday, May 02 14 01:10 pm BST)

    Nice Site

  • Tina Jane Wetherell (Wednesday, February 19 14 09:32 pm GMT)

    With out TG PALS i really don't know where i would be now, I have tried once to take my life last year, and thanks to Heather I am still here, and now living my life how I should of done a long time
    ago, I have gone though a load of problems now that I have gone full time as Tina, but with the help of Heather and Sam I am now the happiest I have been for many a year, Thank you to all my friends
    as well that I have found at Drab & Dress, its the best thing that I have ever done, love you all xx

  • Martin Johnson (Tuesday, February 18 14 06:26 pm GMT)

    Hi, my name is Martin and was given this site to look at because i recently opened up about myself to someone at a place called Turning Point in Canterbury. For many years i thought i was alone until
    now, your website is amazing and full of info which has helped me. I really would like to go to one of your Drab and Dress to meet new friends as i had to end ties with my old ones because of the
    sarcastic comments i was getting.I would like to know if you do any counseling as i would be very interested in doing some sessions.
    Thanks once again for this brilliant website, it has given me a new lease of life.
    Kind Regards,

  • Samantha Collins (Friday, February 14 14 01:50 pm GMT)

    I am a member and volunteer with TGPals. As a legal professional who has come out and is actively going though transition, volunteering allows me to pay forward with some of my skills and knowledge
    to help those just coming to terms with their gender identity, coming out and who are facing discrimination or for that matter any of the many other issues that can and sometimes do affect people who
    identify on the Trans' spectrum

  • Heather Ashton (Wednesday, February 12 14 10:31 am GMT)

    Thankyou to everyone who posted here. We read all comments and really appreciate your feedback.

  • liz kent (Monday, February 10 14 10:21 am GMT)

    great to see more help out there for all those effected by transgender issues

  • Karen Housley (Thursday, February 06 14 04:31 pm GMT)

    Glad to hear all is going from strength to strength. It's brill !! Thanks again for ordering the badges form me. x

  • Tammy (Wednesday, October 30 13 11:00 am GMT)

    hello what a friendly lot of girls you all look

  • Becky Lee (Saturday, October 26 13 12:17 pm BST)

    Hi Heather

    great chatting to you and what a small world it is x Thanks for the advice and help with getting to drab and dress on the 6th November x

  • Carla Elizabeth Webb (Sunday, October 20 13 04:16 pm BST)

    Hi to all the girls on Tg pals Love and best wishes Carla from Glos.

  • Shannon (Monday, September 30 13 01:01 pm BST)

    I was in the sea ,midnight a week ago, planning to take my life and end all paranoia confusion I've had for 40yrs,,couldn't do it,left sea and started googling for desperate help,by chance came
    across tgpals,so sent email,,a lady called heather replied almost straight away,as my intentions were to go back in sea,,she was amazing constant contact put me at ease wiv myself and I drove home
    sad but alive,, she even notified police who I contacted to assure I was ok,, then nxt day she contacted me first thing she even rang my doctor with her concerns and arranged me to see him,, I know
    have been referred to see therapist and have told a lot of people who I really am,Heather if u read this then thank you,you have no idea how much you have helped me accept me,, and also my 2
    daughters still have me ,because I would've ended it all that night if not for you,,

  • Tina Jane Wetherell (Monday, September 09 13 08:10 pm BST)

    TG Pals has been fantastic for me, it has helped me find the person i am. And has helped me take control of my life at last, and now i am make steps to my new life,

  • john timms (Thursday, June 06 13 04:04 pm BST)

    Ihd no idea that this sight existed,until today,I live in barking,essex,as far asI am awarethreis no group here.i wish there was,as I am a crossdresser.when i dress,i call myself Jackie mckinnon

  • Rebecca Hilton. (Monday, June 03 13 02:51 pm BST)

    Very informative site but are there any provisions for ex offenders?

  • Jo-James (Wednesday, April 24 13 06:25 pm BST)

    Tg pals for me has given me such more confidence.
    I have spoken to other ts people and because of this and there advise I have better idea in my little head of what is going on in my mind and how my body dose not fit me. Drab and dress is were I
    have been and met other people. I enjoy drab nights.

  • Lesley Smith (Tuesday, April 23 13 10:28 pm BST)

    Hi ya, Lesley here. I just want to say. . ."Hat off to you all." Tope respect for a top effort, that can only do good in the transgender community. Big hugs tom you all. Lesley xxxx

  • Karen Smith (Monday, April 22 13 08:38 pm BST)

    I always thought I was alone and a wierdo in life untill I went to Drab or Dress, it helped me realise I am not alone in the world, they are an amazing group and very knowledgeable and helpful, I was
    one of the first to go to the D&D and have seen it grow in popularity although I haven't been for a while (due to certain cercumstances)it just gets better as time goes on.

  • Bailey D (Monday, April 15 13 12:37 am BST)

    (my email is inaccessable atm)
    Me again :-),
    just read your 'have anything to add' and I have to say, love the balance of the logo, only thing i think should be improved is that its all quite square and grey...
    Maybe some rounded edges and 'watermark' style back grounds, dont know your web host so if you even can. Might help to make it seem more attractive and flowing!
    Thats all, byesy bye! :-p

  • Bailey D (Monday, April 15 13 12:20 am BST)

    So you have got some views... not bad :-p

    Just passing through--

  • Leah (Monday, April 01 13 09:11 pm BST)

    Just over a year ago now, I was faced with a very frightening decision. For years I'd done my best to deny my true self, a fight that was getting harder and more tiring on a daily bases. Fortunately
    for me I found TGpals! With the support, mentoring and coaching they have given me so freely, I have moved on massively in a short time to the point that I am now in a place where I am able to give
    something back, and am now a peer mentor myself. Had it not been for Heather and TGpals, I would not be here now to enjoy the beauty of life! Thank you doesn't come close!

  • gemma stone (Monday, March 18 13 01:26 pm GMT)

    A fantastic organization who have given me so much support in the last year... I really couldn't have done it without them

  • Dieta Richards (Wednesday, March 13 13 09:31 pm GMT)

    The service that TG Pals provides I believe is second to none. I found the group it runs to be a place of safety where I could be the person I always wanted to be. The friendly, passionate people who
    run the group are welcoming, polite and respectful, understanding and everyone has knowledge and experiences to share. I have only been to the group once at present but have felt my confidence rise
    considerably in who I am and what I want to be, whether it be dressing feminine in public or wearing make up on a night out. I will continue with this group as I feel it will and indeed is already
    playing a significant part in my own self development and I'm sure others who attend these groups feel the same. These groups signify that we all should feel valued no matter who or what we are.
    Thank you TG Pals for helping me find myself and long, long live TG Pals

    Dieta Richards

  • Charlotte Kent (Sunday, March 10 13 03:02 pm GMT)

    An excellent organisation run by some friendly, truely caring people. If youre sitting on the fence wondering whether or not to attend drab & dress, please do, you wont regret it. I met some
    wonderful people and I no longer feel so isolated.

  • Lucy Love (Sunday, March 10 13 11:49 am GMT)

    've joined things and had the 'we're all in it together' vibe before; being pregnant, getting slim, keeping fit, but nothing as powerful or successful as TG pals. I mean I thought I understood peer
    support, but perhaps i didn't till now. This weekend we went dancing (something we love to do) but it was a spectacular night because there was a group that had met up from 'drab' and gone out for
    the night and watching them all dressed up, dancing, looking so confident and free made us feel like the proud old aunties. Heartwarming to see friendships formed and girls sparkling. Heather and
    Lisa with Kev, Leah, and Anna truly make this organisation so accessible and give support in a way that no one ever need feel isolated and alone or that 'no one understands'.... massive gratitude
    from me, and sophie x

  • kate (Friday, March 01 13 05:34 pm GMT)

    For years I wandered alone. Then I came across the Drab event in Ashford and met Heather. What a revelation - I wasn't alone in the world and Heather is so knowledgable about all the questions you
    feel you want to ask about feeling how you do. Now I have access to heathcare in the UK depite living abroad, am on the the route to full transition and I'm so happy. All thanks to Heather.

  • Danny (Thursday, January 03 13 08:54 pm GMT)

    I wanted to thank you for making me feel so welcome and at ease in the surroundings. Allowing me to explore the start of my gender transition journey in a safe and friendly environment.
    What a fantastic group of people, all meeting together with common ground and stories of their experiences. An informal, educational, fun and above all welcoming place for people to make friends and
    enjoy each others company!

  • Shane Lee Hope (Thursday, December 27 12 05:02 pm GMT)

    TG Pals is an amazing organization.. Without Heather, Leah and all the wonderful kind people here I would not be here today. They have helped support me through the darkest part of my life and i now
    have somewhere safe to live, a chance of a better life, a support network, but most important of all.. i have friends :) Thankyou all so much. You are doin a great thing and helping alot of people x
    x x

  • Sarah Shearman (Thursday, December 13 12 01:56 am GMT)

    This is an excellent, friendly, non-judgemental group. Thanks Heather and co for your time and effort involved

  • Julie Eason (Tuesday, November 27 12 09:24 am GMT)

    Great site, looks like a brilliant organisation.


  • Jane Funnell (Tuesday, October 16 12 08:50 pm BST)

    Would just like to say an excellent looking site full of valid information. Also thanks for all the effort with the Drab and Dress evening. A pleasure to visit.