Youth Engagement


There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding trans people.

How do young trans people get the support they need when there is so little information readily available and few services to help?


At a time when young people are already managing school and home life, forming significant relationships and questioning themselves, it can be a tough time to feel that things don't fit.

It is common for young trans people to question their sexuality, to try to find the answer to why their mirror image doesn't always fit with the image in their head.


Having a supportive and understanding environment in which young people can discuss and explore their identity, the opportunity to talk to other trans people (when they may not yet have met anyone similar to themselves) and a safe space to just 'be' is something we are striving to achieve through working with young peoples services.


TG PALS is currently in the early stages of involvement with youth engagement services and is looking to form partnerships with others who provide support for young trans people.


TG PALS team participate in Diversity Week at Canterbury College, raising awareness of transgender issues, holding Human Libraries and being available to chat about our various peer support services.


TG PALS offers varied peer support services which can be accessed by young people.




We particularly welcome feedback from young trans people on the kind of services and support that could be provided by our organisation and we welcome suggestions and feedback on our website.