Post-Op Buddy Scheme

This is the newest of our services and has come into practice following the journeys of some of our 'Drab' friends past and present.


The post operative period following any surgery can be very stressful, tiring and emotional.  It has been noted by some of our medical colleagues that it is a sad fact that some folk will be leaving hospital after re-assignment surgery with no-one to support them with the tasks of daily living, or provide a listening ear at a crucial time in life.  Sometimes just knowing someone cares, will put the kettle on and just be around to visit can make the difference. Happy relaxed people demonstrate a more positive attitude to recovery!


Our buddies can arrange to meet you at the hospital, accompany you home and ensure you have essential shopping done, snacks prepared and a clean environment in which to recover. We will provide daily contact for the first week, ensuring you are supported to access any services required e.g GP visits. Our buddies will maintain contact with you, and may introduce you to our peer support group if you wish, during your recovery period.



All of our buddies are volunteers so please note that out of pocket expenses for travel will be requested at 30p per mile or public transport rates (including any consecutive visits.)


We have goodwill in abundance but any donations and fundraising efforts for this service would be very much appreciated as we currently receive no funding for this service. Thank you!!


Please feel free to contact us to arrange some support.