What is a 'mentor'?


The definition given in the Oxford English Dictionary is :

noun. 'A trusted guide or adviser'


TG PALS mentors work as 'professional friends', supporting people for an agreed period of time.


TG PALS provides mentors for trans people from across the transgender spectrum and also provides cisgender mentors for family members or partners to advise and guide people through the 'coming out' stage, throughout stages of transition and for times when confidence is low or a change is looming e.g a new job.


Mentors may be at any stage of transition, or none, and we will endeavour to match people with a mentor that has had experience of similar issues. All of our mentors have relevant personal experience of trans or trans-related issues and can bring understanding, empathy and advice on the practicalities of daily life as a trans person or partner.


We are fortunate here in the United Kingdom to have a range of excellent clinicians and practitioners within medicine, psychology, psychiatry. Our peer support services provide the social and emotional support often essential to helping trans people continue with the activities of daily living.


Our mentor scheme recognises the great value in shared experience, in having the opportunity to share a journey, or a part of it, with someone who has travelled that same road. All our mentors are 'experts by experience' and as such use their experience to guide and advise others following similar paths.  


TG PALS mentors may signpost to other specialist services or to one or more of our peer support services.

Mentoring is a contractually agreed, fixed time period of support and may be suspended if a persons need goes beyond that which a mentor can support. This is all discussed in the initial stages of mentoring when matching mentors and mentees, and setting the boundaries within which the mentoring will take place.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or feel this may help you or someone you know.

We are working to prevent the isolation that so many trans people experience.