This is a child and family peer support service.


Let us put you in touch with other families who know what it is like to walk a mile in your shoes. There is no expectation of professional knowledge here (though you may well find some!), just the wealth of experience and tips on how to manage situations. 


There is merely an offer of putting you in touch with others who know what it is like to walk a mile in your shoes. Whether you are a partner, parent, child, sibling or friend, someone in our organisation will know and understand what you are going through. Just complete one of our contact forms and we will forward your details to a member of one of our families who is willing to be contacted.


Talking to someone who understands that a loved one’s transition forces a “coming out” process for the whole family, who has or has had those same fears, concerns and emotional tugs of war can be very comforting.


Gender Dysphoria is not a lifestyle choice - wanting to keep a family together through the process is.


It's OK to be scared, to be curious, to feel helpless, responsible, relieved and angry at the same feel a whole range of emotions-sometimes not all of them positive! Whatever your feelings, we are here to listen, to comfort, to empathise, to celebrate just be there, from a cup of coffee and a chat to a good old blub with a mountain of tissues. Whatever your family is going through, let us show you that you don't have to go through it in isolation.


Being able to express your thoughts without being judged can really help. We also have family members available via email consultation.


Confidential email support. You can write in confidence to our 'Ask Us' service with any problem regarding trans issues-your own or that of a family member/friend. We will do our best to assist you or signpost you to a relevant helping agency if it is something we don't know or you may need more expertise with.


If we can't help, we know a family or organisation who can!


Email or just call us on 07518 419392



SO!? Significant Others / Family / Partners Support Group


This group will now be meeting on the last Thursday of each month, our next meeting to be held on Thursday 28th March 2013. Please note-this group has now moved to an evening time slot to enable more partners to attend.


The 'So?' group will be meeting at The County Hotel (Wetherspoons), 10, High Street, Ashford, Kent from 7.00-10.00p.m.


This is a social meeting group for partners or significant others (anyone closely supporting a trans partner, or trans friend or family member).


This is an opportunity to chat, discuss issues affecting those who support their trans loved ones and generally relax in the company of others who have empathy and understanding over coffee (bar menu available if required).


This group aims to meet at the same time on the last Thursday of every month but it is always receptive to suggestions for meetings.


We hope to have a group that offers solid peer support and has a positive impact on family relationships. As with all our services, feedback and suggestions are always welcome via our contact form on the Contact Us page.