Previous meetings

Apologies for not updating this often enough.  If anyone attending wants to send a review of a particular meeting please send it through and we'll add it.


The lack of updates is not a sign of dwindling interest in the group, quite the opposite, late in 2014 we had our largest attendance of 47 and we sget new attendees all the time.


20th January 2015


Welcome to new members Sarah and Penny this evening and great to see Sarah from Whitby, lovely to see you down to visit again.


Lots of fun chat and an extended session of Monty Python quotes, something our younger members were straining to understand!


Always lovely to see everyone who comes along and it always feels as comfortable to attend whether you come to every meeting or turn up infrequently.  Everyone is welcome and it remains a safe space to chat with like-minded people.


Drab & Dress - Wednesday 6th March 2013


Over 30 people this week, what a wonderful turnout and so lovely to see so many new faces.  10 new attendees came along and joined the familiar faces of our regulars.


17 of the group were kind enough to agree to step into view of Kev's camera lens and strike a pose.


We started handing out our new membership forms so thanks to those that have already filled them in, it's free and helps us to help the community at large by showing funding committees and other supporters that this marginalised group does need continued help.


Thank you all for continuing to support the Drab events and eachother.  It is very heartwarming to see the self-sufficient support within the group and how it has enabled people to inrease their social networks and get out and about with eachother.


It is also important to realise that these groups help bridge the gap of social and emotional needs for individuals while they come to terms with who they are at whatever stage of transition that might be.


All who come to Drab offer that to eachother.  TG PALS helps bring the people together but it only works due to the individuals that attend and show empathy for others.


There is no expectation on providing peer support but this appears to be a natural evolution within the group.  Long may its success continue.  Please continue to spread the word.

Drab & Dress - Wednesday 2nd January 2013


Happy New Year!!


We held our first Drab & Dress of the new year in our new venue, the Joe Fagg Social Centre in Ashford, Kent with an attendance of 26 people! We didn't expect so many people to turn out at a time when rest and relaxation after a busy period is usually the case..and with norovirus affecting some of our folk it was a pleasant surprise to see so many of you! We thank the sick ones who stayed away to avoid sharing the unpleasant bug, and we wish you a speedy recovery! xxx


We canvassed those present as to their thoughts on the venue, particularly as it it more centrally located than our previous venues. As anyone who attends is aware, personal safety is a paramount concern. We will be looking into getting a key for the other entrance. For a first night though feedback was genarally positive and ..oh thankyou thankyou!!..Heather and Kev had a rest from making the tea!


We look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting!



Drab & Dress - Tuesday 18th November 2012


We had our largest ever turn out for Drab tonight with 30 people in attendance!


It was a very lively evening! Members commented on the numbers of new faces turning up at every meeting and the range of subjects under discussion. Much mirth and merriment was in evidence as friends old and new got  together. This group of diverse individuals come from all walks of life. We are proud of what is fast becoming known as the best support and social group around. Our peer mentors are available for discussing specific issues, and our facilitators too for signposting to other agencies when the need arises. Or you can simply grab a decent cuppa, take the load off your feet and your mind with a good chat!


The Drab Xmas Dinner booking was finalised and the confectionery wars begun...with Kats vanilla fudge battling Lara & Nickis mint choc fudge for the popularity vote!! Bush tucker trials eat your heart out...and look out W.I...if we can agree on a Drab Anthem we may well have a trans womens bake off that will rival your finest efforts!! Lol!!


We welcome people from every point on the trans spectrum and are happy to meet up with you for a coffee and chat prior to your first attendance just to put you at ease and give you a familiar face to look for.

Don't miss out on this wonderful group!!



Drab & Dress - 3rd October 2012


We had a record turnout at the last Drab with 26 people turning up.  This included a number of familiar faces  and some new members including some new trans men-good to see the balance of gender in this group being addressed!!.


This group is growing in strength and in numbers and we are very proud of its integrity. From a first terrifying trip out of the closet (whether dressed or in drab) to post op normality, to partners of trans folk, this group has someone who understands your situation.


Additionally we had a very informative visit from Kent Police officers DS Andrew Bidmead (Hate Crimes) and Community Liason Officer (CLO) Maria Hales (Ashford, Kent), giving us a presentation on transphobic/hate crime and what to do about it. It was informative and reassuring to hear how the police force have reviewed services and the provision that is made for the reporting of transphobic crime.


The officers stressed the importance of reporting incidents as even if no charges are brought (due to fear of reprisal etc) logging the incidents will flag up problem areas, times etc and potentially give the police information on where a police presence might prevent future/further incidents and provides a more realistic picture of the situations that trans folk face. It was noted that much of what is considered 'low level' calling etc...are seen by the trans community to be 'just my lot as I'm trans and expect it'.


Both officers could not state strongly enough that abuse in any form will not be tolerated and stressed the importance of reporting transphobic incidents. Your own local area CLO will be happy to discuss this with you. Details can be found on Kent Police website


It is incredibly rewarding that we can help in some way to bring some like-minded souls together and it is great that it is so well supported every time.  All donations are gratefully received as this ensures continuing premises for the Drab. Our warmest thanks to all who contribute!