Life coaching.... for individuals or couples, empowering you to action and participate in a treatment pathway, or to enable a 'coming out' process that includes family members, friends, employers and provides a forum for discussion.


Individual lifestyle and couples coaching is designed to raise levels of confidence and empower individuals during the transition process. At a time when it can appear that other people are in control coaching opens up a path to effective life planning. 


Gender dysphoria is not a lifestyle choice. Our coaches all understand the issues surrounding coming out and transition, e.g maintaining relationships and protecting  families, keeping your job, accessing healthcare... so why not see if we can help support you and your loved ones through what can be a testing time? No matter where your journey takes you, our transition coaching can help you deal with it every step of the way.


By encouraging people to take responsibility and negotiate their treatment pathway via coaching, documentary evidence is provided to support transition activity. This is also an excellent aid to assessment of a person’s commitment to a treatment pathway and also positively impacts on individuals levels of reliance on local professionals e.g. GPs.


Gain the support you need to address issues related to finance, education, training, employment, social and intimate relationships, fact, any life issue. Coaching will enable you to be in control and manage your life effectively, whilst planning and experiencing your transition.


The coaching process also provides valuable documentary evidence of transition activity for you to share with the professionals involved in your care.


We also offer corporate coaching workshops to enable co-workers to support a transitioning colleague in the workplace:


“The Supportive Colleague” 


“The Supportive Manager”


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