This is a peer advocacy service utilising the skills of our trans volunteers in giving a voice to other trans folk and their families. When you need support to be heard our advocates will be there with you, speaking on your behalf at your request if necessary and acting as conciliators in stressful situations.


They may help with a range of situations



  • providing moral support for gender clinic appointments;
  • form filling for ID documents;
  • liaising with HR departments;
  • interview preparation;
  • attending housing offices;
  • liaising with teaching staff in schools who support students with trans parents (particularly where the trans parent is an absent parent) etc.


We are happy to accompany you to any appointment, to speak on your behalf if requested to do so, and to liase with any agency. 


We are currently providing volunteer peer advocates to support trans individuals in a variety of settings. It has been our experience that having the support of someone who understands the issues a trans person faces and who can speak confidently and articulately on their behalf has helped to resolve issues that without our input would have progressed further e.g by making complaints, accessing specialist support agencies.


TG PALS peer advocates instill confidence through empathy and by being 'experts by experience' in the issues trans people face. We value that experience and help trans folk towards their first steps in dealing with difficult issues, advocating and where necessary, signposting to ensure the best outcomes possible for individuals.


Please note that we cannot provide specialist legal or financial support but have a number of specialist contacts so will signpost you to a relevant agency. We may also support you to access specialist advice or support as part of our peer advocacy role.


We offer a peer advocacy project utilising both interpersonal and professional skills within the trans community to give a voice to trans folk and their families.


We support principles of equality for all and remain personally and professionally neutral in all dealings, merely offering an effective voice and support to be heard whilst underpinning the rights of transgendered individuals and their families.  


Our “Buddy” scheme can also provide support for medical appointments, etc where only moral support is required.