Our Services

We have a number of support services that the trans community and their families and friends can access.  These range from group peer support functions to coaching with trained professionals.


Please email us at info@tgpals.org to request further information.


Enquiries and referrals/self referrals for all services welcome from individuals and / or agencies.


TG PALS offers the following services:


  • Drab & Dress TG Support Group
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Advocacy
  • Post-op Buddies
  • Training
  • Family Support (incl. SO!? Group)
  • Youth Engagement


Please read on for further details of these or visit the individual pages.



Our Goals

  • Tolerance
  • Understanding
  • Acceptance
  • Equality

Drab & Dress TG Support Group




This group continues to be well attended and is a mine of useful information, advice and support from and for those attending. This group is growing in strength and in numbers and we are very proud of its integrity. Our group meetings have ranged from less than 10 to nearly 50 people, we don't care how many turn up each month!


From a first terrifying trip out of the closet (whether dressed or in drab) to life feeling at ease, to partners, family and friends of trans people, this group has someone who understands your situation. We have been pleased to see partners and supportive friends and it has also been great to see a growing group of ordinary people able to discuss their gender in a safe and supportive environment.


This group is a real tonic and is open to everyone on the trans spectrum whether you are transitioning or not, or just dress occasionally. No-one judges here and you will find a warm welcome and a vibrant and kind social atmosphere !


We extend our thanks to MCCH for the period 2009~2011, Carers Support for the use of Norman House during 2011~2012, Age UK for the Joe Fagg Centre 2012~2016 (and now Dover) and the University of Kent at Canterbury 2016~present.


Without your support for premises this much needed support group may not be flourishing in quite the same way. Thank you for your support!



Contact: 07568 073678 or email heather@tgpals.org


There is a suggested donation of £3.00 per person to help cover the cost of room hire and refreshments and any donations go directly towards maintaining this service.



TG Coaching


Life coaching.... for individuals or couples, empowering you to action the changes you need, e.g to enable a 'coming out' process that includes family members, friends, employers and provides a forum for discussion or to undergo a social transition or plan to manage a treatment pathway.


Gender dysphoria is not a lifestyle choice. Our coaches all understand the issues surrounding coming out and transition, e.g maintaining relationships and protecting  families, keeping your job, accessing healthcare... so why not see if we can help support you and your loved ones through what can be a testing time? No matter where your journey takes you, our transition coaching can help you deal with it every step of the way. 


Gain the support you need to address issues related to finance, education, training, employment, social and intimate relationships, housing..in fact, any life issue. Coaching will enable you to be in control and manage your life effectively, whilst planning and experiencing your transition.


The coaching process also provides valuable documentary evidence of transition activity for you to share with the professionals involved in your care.





This is a peer advocacy service utilising the skills of our trans volunteers in giving a voice to other transgender people and their families. When you need support to be heard our advocates will be there with you, speaking on your behalf at your request if necessary and acting as conciliators in stressful situations. They may help with a range of situations e.g- providing moral support for gender clinic appointments, form filling for ID documents, liasing with HR departments, interview preparation, attending housing offices, liasing with teaching staff in schools who support students with trans parents (particularly where the trans parent is an absent parent) etc.


We are currently providing volunteer peer advocates to support trans individuals in a variety of settings. It has been our experience that having the support of someone who understands the issues a trans person faces and who can speak confidently and articulately on their behalf has helped to resolve issues that without our input would have progressed further e.g by making complaints, accessing specialist support agencies.


TG PALS peer advocates instill confidence through empathy and by being 'experts by experience' in the issues trans people face. We value that experience and help trans people towards their first steps in dealing with difficult issues, advocating and where necessary, signposting to ensure the best outcomes possible for individuals.


Please note that we cannot provide specialist legal or financial support but have a number of specialist contacts so will signpost you to a relevant agency. We may also support you to access specialist advice or support as part of our peer advocacy role.


We value and utilise the personal experience of our volunteers but also recognise that each persons experience is unique and may require intervention from professionally qualified specialists to whom we would signpost.

Our peer support services work on the premise that shared experience promotes empathy , understanding, trust and respect and provides a supportive anchor to those about to undertake their own journey.

We appreciate the difference between 'expert by experience' and 'expert' and work in partnership...like the mortar between the bricks.





This is a befriending service designed to provide support to those individuals undergoing gender reassignment surgery who  will be returning home and needing day to day support during their recovery period.


A 'buddy' may offer daily phone support, visits to your home to ensure you have what you need at home and food in the house so that you can relax and recover. Essential shopping can be done, and daily visits can be made during those first few post op days when you need the reassurance of regular contact. You will also have the opportunity to chat about any concerns.


Please note that our buddies are all volunteers from, or involved with, the trans community and are not medically trained. This is a befriending at home support service.


Buddies are all volunteers and bookings must be made in advance where every effort will be made to match you to a buddy and provide support.

Please kindly note that due to demand this service may not always be available.




                                                                                                                                                           Trans Awareness Workshops.


We aim to provide enlightening, thought provoking workshops based on exploring the public perception of transgendered people.


Our interactive workshop will widen your landscape of experience and give you the opportunity to ask questions directly to trans individuals,learning about the range of terms in the transgender spectrum and what they mean, as well as providing you with information on equality and diversity and the rights of transgendered people.


As these workshops form a central part of our fundraising activities, we hope that you would choose to make a donation for this service.



Family Support Network


Child and family support network...there is no expectation of professional knowledge here but merely an offer of putting you in touch with others who know what it is like to walk a mile in your shoes. Whether you are a partner, parent, child, sibling or friend, someone in our organisation will know and understand what you are going through. Just complete one of our contact forms and we will forward your details to a member of one of our families who is willing to be contacted.


Confidential email support. You can write in confidence to our 'Ask Us' service with any problem regarding trans issues-your own or that of a family member/friend. We will do our best to assist you or signpost you to a relevant helping agency if it is something we don't know or you may need more expertise with.

Email askus@tgpals.org





This group will now be meeting each month. Please note-this group has now moved to an evening time slot to enable more partners to attend.


This is a social meeting group for partners or significant others (anyone closely supporting a trans partner, or trans friend or family member).


This is an opportunity to chat, discuss issues affecting those who support their trans loved ones and generally relax in the company of others who have empathy and understanding over coffee (bar menu available if required).


This group aims to meet at the same time on the last Thursday of every month but it is always receptive to suggestions for meetings.


We hope to have a group that offers solid peer support and has a positive impact on family relationships. As with all our services, feedback and suggestions are always welcome via our contact form on the Contact Us page.



Youth Engagement


TG PALS is currently in the early stages of involvement with youth engagement services and is looking to form partnerships with others who provide support for young trans people.


The team participates in various events including Diversity and Enrichment Weeks at schools and colleges, raising awareness of transgender issues, holding Human Libraries and being available to chat about our various peer support services.


We offer support to young people who can access our peer support groups, the 'Drab or Dress'.


TG PALS offers varied peer support services which can be accessed by young people and we are happy to advise and/or support on any issue.