Gateway is a joint initiative between Kent County Council and the 12 district councils across Kent. It works on the belief that what customers want, and where, should directly shape the services they receive locally.


Back in 2003 the vision was town-centre or high-street locations in every district across Kent, with retail-style opening hours, comfort, convenience and customer service. The programme started out with a focus on transforming face-to-face contact for public service access, and began with the Ashford Gateway pilot which opened its doors in 2005. It was envisaged  that as the Gateway program expands it will deliver a technology-enabled network that will join up information across multiple channels.


The vision was for each Gateway to offer its customers access to a unique mix of services, reflecting the needs of the community it serves. Services are delivered by a wide-range of partners, including county and district councils, the NHS and voluntary sector. The list of partners delivering through Gateway changes and grows regularly.


Each Gateway is fully DDA compliant and is therefore more accessible than traditional office settings, and all bar the original Ashford Gateway pilot, have a Changing Place facility.


Thank you to Matthew for allowing us the opportunity to work closely with the Gateways and share the stories and experiences of the trans community.


It is the aim of TG PALS to use this partnership to continue raise awareness of trans issues.