Here you will find some past stories, events and articles, showing what we have been up to.


11th October 2012


Heather and Kev participated in a 'Mental Health Awareness ' event organised by Gateway and held at the Dover Discovery Centre.


Various organisations involved in mental health & wellbeing services across East Kent participated in a roadshow with stands set up to give information on services available in our area. Staff from each service were available to meet the public and we had the opportunity to learn more about each others services. It was an excellent way to get TG PALS known to other service providers as a point of referral.


We had a very productive day talking to people and raising awareness of the transgender spectrum. We were also able to promote TG PALS and give out informative literature including some excellent resources supplied by our esteemed colleagues GIRES,Terence Higgins Trust, clinicQ, The Beaumont Society, Transliving, Kent Police, Broken name but a few.


Despite the rain we had a steady footfall and engaged a diverse section of the community. Kev was asked some interesting questions which he handled with his usual honest approach and we had some very positive feedback. Some members of the public saw our stand content and moved hurriedly away, indicating that we still have a way to go in reaching our goals of inclusion and integration, but generally it was a good day.


The kindness of the event organisers ensured we had public access to a computer directly behind our stand which enabled us to put our new website on display and allow members of the public to peruse it at their leisure..with a polite pointer to our easyfundraising links!! Well...we can't afford to miss an opportunity to raise funds-especially when this facility doesn't cost the giver anything at all! Check out the easyfundraising links on the left of this page  <----


We enjoyed the day so much that we are travelling to Broadstairs to repeat the experience....


Broadstairs WEDS 24TH OCT...another successful event, networking with other service providers from mainstream healthcare settings and meeting the general public. We had some interesting and engaging conversations and met a parent of a trans persons partner who took our service leaflet as extended family members needed support. Events like these where we can directly meet the public are proving the need for services like ours.



Any trans friendly/support organisations are welcome to contact us if you would like us to include your service information in our display stand. (Small-to A5- size only due to space limitations)


Watch this space for updates!